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cookie friday

Our friend, Rachel, who lives in Austin, has started the nicest tradition in her neighborhood. She calls the first Friday of every month "Cookie Friday" and just as the school bell rings, Rachel sets up a sign in her front yard welcoming all to stop by for cookies and a drink.


She keeps the set-up to a minimum – a simple folding table, a jug of water and platters of cookies make clean-up easy. She quickly learned that even paper napkins were too much fuss (small hands don't always put used napkins in the trash).


Even parents have come to look forward to "Cookie Friday", stopping by to chat with neighbors and relax with their kids. The only rule is that everyone stays in the front yard (a brilliant rule, in my opinion, which eliminates the fear of having your house stampeded!).

Rachel is the neighbor that everyone wants – she is extremely generous and kind. In 12 years of marriage, she and her family have moved 7 times. Rather than worrying about making friends and fitting into a new town, the first thing Rachel does is organize a party to meet people. I love a person who is a doer and Rachel definitely does not sit idle. I am lucky to have her as a friend – I just wish I also had her as a neighbor (I'm kind of craving those delicious cookies right about now!).

Reader Comments (19)

I and some neighbors have been doing this too...every Friday we do a special treat as the kids get off the bus, usually cookies or brownies but sometimes it is make your own sundaes or even school bus cookies! the kids LOVE it! Love your blog btw.

I am inspired by Miss Hospitality!!!
She has a gift!!! And is a gift!!

What a special person. Thank you for sharing her with us!

Rachel used to live by me and I remember a really fun party she had once (desserts)--I just wish she still lived in Boston. She's a great entertainer!

This is such a great idea. I wish I lived near her. Those mini whoopie pies look fantastic.

10.8 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie

aww, such a cool idea.

10.8 | Unregistered CommenterAimee

This is great!!! Would it work on a weekend? I have to go to work so doing it as kids get off the bus wouldn't work. Wait. Could I take one Friday off early a month and execute this... even though my kids don't ride the bus? I'm just thinking in type right now. Does she do it in the winter months as well? I want to be Rachel when I grow up. Wait. I am grown up. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

What a fabulous idea! I may have to borrow it!

She IS the greatest!!!! So creative and talented. She is amazing with wonderful ideas for entertaining friends and family. I, too, have benefitted from living near Rachel. As everyone here said, I also miss living near her not only for the fantastic parties and desserts she comes up with but miss her everyday friendship which is priceless!!!

10.8 | Unregistered CommenterJo Anna

Oh how I love this idea!! I will use it in some way or another soon...

10.8 | Unregistered Commentersinika

Well, I have to say my first request for the comment blog was an idea for a neighborhood block party; and I am not sure if it is lucky coincidence or what that this was posted. Many thanks for a great idea.

"comment blog" should read "notecard giveaway entry"...sorry, postpartum brain.

That is so sweet. I love that she is proactive in getting to know people instead of waiting for them to come. Those cookie look delish!


10.8 | Unregistered CommenterKrissy

So funny, I've seen this idea on other sites and I have always wanted to do it. This is a good reminder to get it going. Vegas neighborhoods could use more of this type of community building. Stay tuned for Fridays at my house :).

10.8 | Unregistered CommenterMegan

such a fabulous idea to implement. in a world where good old-fashioned neighborly interaction seems to be steadily disappearing...what an ingenious idea to break down the barriers. love it!


Great and thoughtful idea!

Angie! How fun to get a link to this blog to find out it's yours! I have a friend that does something similar in Minnesota and it's been so fun to hear the neat stories that have come from this little neighborhood tradition.

Gin loved her baby gift from you. Hope all is well with you!

Sweet!! And inspirational.

We do this too, we call it Friday Treats. My kids love it. I do too. We actually do it inside though, when we lived in AZ it was so hot, and in Utah it is snowy. I should incorporate the "no one inside the house" rule!

10.14 | Unregistered CommenterLinsey

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