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christmas cookies

So sorry for the delay in posting. Work has been crazy and I'm not sure how it got to be December 9th! This month is flying by.

Most days I feel like non-Super Mom, trying to juggle work, 3 children and have semi-meaningful conversations with my husband (sadly, during the week, these are about 5 minute snippets throughout the day). Today, however, is different, so I thought I would share.

My youngest daughter, Bea is usually along for the ride (figuratively and literally). With my 2 oldest daughters, I was so good about scheduling play dates and classes, but somehow, life has gotten too busy and Bea just goes with the flow (which usually amounts to running errands with me and watching "Caillou" when I have to make work calls). Loser mother, I know.

Today, however, I actually scheduled a play date for Bea. While we waited for her friend to arrive, Bea and I sat on the floor and played puzzles (I can't tell you how long it's been since I actually sat on the floor with one of my children and played). When Ivy arrived, the girls played in the living room while I multi-tasked (what I do best). This is what I managed while they played: I constructed 6 graham cracker houses for Charlotte's class (I desperately need a new hot glue gun as mine is on its last leg and has put my finger to sleep for the last 2 hours from having to apply so much pressure to get the glue out), I baked 3 dozen of my favorite chocolate gingerbread cookies for a cookie exchange tonight, I finished addressing our Christmas cards (here is the design I chose) and then I packed the girls into the car and headed over to the church for a Christmas party for 2-years olds. 

Now, I'm back to work.

Tonight, before my cookie exchange, the girls and I will be spreading some Christmas cheer to our neighbors, delivering boxes of Christmas cookies: tree-shaped sugar cookies, lemon squares and the aforementioned chocolate gingerbread cookies. I suggest you whip up one of the 3 and treat yourself to a pre-Christmas treat. Happy baking!

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where do you buy your Christmas boxes to deliver the cookies in??

Good for you being able to have some one on one time...puzzles on the floor and some cookie making. I really do believe that's the kind of stuff kids remember. I know it's true for me. My mom was a single mom of three starting at ages 10 months, 2 years, and 4.5 years. She was busy as ever...but I don't remember the busy. I remember the sweet moments of my mom taking a few minutes to read me a book or braid my hair. Happiest of Christmases to you. I always enjoy your posts!!

12.9 | Unregistered CommenterBrenna

Those cookies look so appetizing and beautiful - what a lovely gift for your neighbours. Thanks for sharing the recipe links - I'll be trying them out for sure!

your cookies should have taken first prize-i need to make them since my cookie plate was stolen ;) great to meet you tonight!

12.9 | Unregistered Commenterlizzy

Thank you for being honest about being a non-super-mom. Being a working mommy is hard work and we try the best we can but often fall short of what we wish we could accomplish. Multi-tasking is great, but sometimes it is just nice to take a moment, breath, and play with the kids we love so much.

All the best to you this Christmas as you do the best with what you have. You are certainly a blessing to your husband and children ...

12.10 | Unregistered Commenteremily

Thank you for your kind words. I purchased the boxes at Michael's – part of a Martha Stewart holiday packaging kit. Even the ribbon in the kit was precut to fit around the boxes perfectly – love it!

A massage! For sure! I have been feeling this way myself, hang in there. We still think you are both super amazing in every way- so you have us fooled! It is nice, however, to know that you are indeed human.

12.11 | Unregistered CommenterAngela

As a mom with kids 29 and 20, I know that I tried to make everyday things special, just like you are doing!!! Your girls will always remember the handmade things thing you made, the time you took to make everthing speical. You are so talented and your designs are amazing.Thanks for the recipes.

12.12 | Unregistered Commenterhapymrsc

I'm going to make those chocolate gingerbread for our cookie exchange next week!

12.15 | Unregistered CommenterTania

Chocolate cookies are such a delight. And creating all those creatively cute designs makes them more delightful.

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